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Where the magic happens

Welcome to Hive. Come on in and get a taste of what it’s like here. We’d love to show you around.

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Have a nose around

Hive sits within the Wageningen Campus in the Netherlands, home to the internationally renowned Wageningen University & Research.

That way, Unilever, researchers, students, startups, customers and all manner of bright bees can come together and build a better future of sustainable, tasteful food.

In fact, Hive was grown to encourage as much connection as possible. Let’s explore how.

Cross-pollinating spaces

Hive’s compact design brings people together in a more eco-friendly building. You’ll be rubbing elbows with food innovators across three floors of labs and offices, a pilot plant and food and customer experience area.

Hive co-creating

Co creation

Hive was built to allow a more open, revolutionary way of co-working. Together, we’re breaking down silos and ideas to co-create real innovation in food.

Hive is packed with spaces of every spec and size, to fit teams from 10 to 150 people. Here you’ll find three large studios and a whole range of meeting rooms, open co-creation spaces and professional demo kitchens to help you work on whatever nut you’re cracking.

Hive decoration

Eat with us

We have a restaurant and bar to help you recharge - or unwind.

We know our people need good food to fuel all the great work they’re cooking up at Hive. Each day, top-notch chefs will lovingly prepare soups, sandwiches, street food and hearty salads. Because well-fed people sprout the best ideas.

Our Connect Bar

Connect bar

Like to start the day with fresh juice, overnight oats, bagels or your favourite yoghurt? Get your breakfast fix, afternoon stack or takeaway lunch at our bar.

Our Connect Bar is open between 7.00am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Our Food Court

Food court

Then slurp, crunch and gobble your way through our food court’s daily changing lunch menu of fresh dishes from around the world, from Italy to Indonesia.

Our food court is open between 12.00am and 1.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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