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We’d love to meet you

Don’t be a stranger. Meet our team of food heroes, let us answer your questions and why not plan a visit here?

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We're open

Hive is buzzing between 7am and 9pm, Monday to Friday. We’re free bees on weekends and public holidays.

Address: Bronland 14, 6708 WH Wageningen, The Netherlands

How to get here

Hive lives in the Wageningen Campus in the Netherlands. You’ll find our main entrance opposite the north side of the University’s Campus Park.

By bus:

Hop on the 303 to the Wageningen Campus. We’re around a five-minute walk from the Bornesteeg or the Campus / Forum stop. You can plan your trip via

By car:

Hive is close to the heart of Wageningen and a stone’s throw away from the A12 highway. Plus we’ve plenty of parking tucked beneath the building to help keep your car safe. Just contact us to book yourself a spot before you visit.

By bike:

Or feel free to find yourself a space to park your bike to the side of the main entrance.

By plane:

Many of our visitors and co-creators come from overseas. The nearest airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands. Hive is 90 km away, or just over an hour’s drive or train ride.

Hive’s bees

Hive is a buzzing hub where people from all corners of the world come together to build a better future of food for us all.

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We can help with: Communications and media, engagement.

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Drissia Laoukili, Events manager
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Got a question?

Your most burning questions about Hive answered here.

What is Unilever cooking up at Hive?

Hive is home to the product innovations of some of the world’s favourite food brands like Knorr and Hellmann’s, as well as locally loved brands like Bango.

That’s not forgetting our mission to develop sustainable packaging, use data to keep the natural resources behind our products live and kicking, and build the science and technology behind the foods of the future.

Check out our LinkedIn page to see what's buzzing at Hive

How can I get involved with Hive?

At Unilever we love to collaborate. Innovate with us here

Is Hive really open to everyone?

Yes, our ground floor is open to anyone who would like to experience our food, check out what’s brewing in our pilot plant, or simply pull up a chair in one of our open spaces to get to work alongside us.

How can I apply for a job at Hive?

At Hive, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next generation of food innovators, and offer openings at many experience levels, from world expert to budding learner. If you think you cut the mustard, we’d love to hear from you. Apply to join us at Hive.

Do you also offer short-term opportunities and internships?

Absolutely. Whether you’re looking for a six-month internship or a mini project to sink your teeth into, students are very welcome at Hive. You can discover new opportunities and submit your application to us.

Why join Hive?

We’re on a mission to make food that tastes good, feels good and is a force for good. Becoming a part of Hive gives you access to trailblazing experts, the worlds’ leading foods ecosystem and the scale of Unilever to bring your ideas to life.

Is my idea safe if I share it with Hive?

We’re all about letting the best ideas flourish. Of course, this often means that we have to protect ideas before they enter the market. Luckily, we’re experienced in offering service level agreements, and will always take the need for confidentiality seriously.

I have a disability. Can you accommodate my needs?

Everyone is welcome at Hive and we are open to exploring working arrangements that suit your needs. On a practical side, our building is easily accessible for disabled people.

I suffer from food allergies. Can you tell me which foods I can eat?

Our friendly chefs in the food court will be happy to explain exactly what’s in our food and advise on any allergen-containing products for you to avoid.

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