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What we're made of

Hello, we're Hive. We're on a mission to make food that tastes good, feels good and is a force for good.

Here, Unilever joins forces with an ecosystem of food innovators to turn bright ideas into the foods of the future.

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So what's our recipe?

Hive grows and nurtures some of the world's most loved food brands from Unilever, brands like Knorr, Hellmann's and Unilever Food Solutions.

We innovate:

We're trying new ideas every day to put good foods on everyone's plates.

We're open:

Everyone is welcome in Hive's blooming ecosystem.

We have a purpose:

We are working hard to nourish people and nurture the planet.

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A good tasting future

Food is why we're all here. It sustains life, spreads joy and brings us together.

But we believe the way the world makes and eats food needs fixing.

Every night, around one in nine people go to bed hungry. meanwhile, one third of our food is never eaten. Add to that over-harvesting, climate change and poor diets and obesity, and it's clear we must do better.

That’s why Unilever has set out our Future Foods ambition, which has two key objectives - to help people transition towards healthier diets, and to help reduce the environmental impact of the global food chain. By working in close partnerships with third parties, we’re driving a global food system transformation.

And Hive is at the global core of this food system transformation.

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The Silicon Valley of Food

Hive is a buzzing hub where people from all corners of the world come together to build a better future of food for us all.

Food innovators

We’re a thriving team of food experts, researchers and innovators (not to mention food lovers) working to crack some of the world’s greatest food challenges.

Nestled in the heart of the Wageningen Campus, Unilever is cooking up the products that will help solve them.

Two people in white coats cooking in a kitchen.

Working together

Hive’s unique location inspires researchers and students from Wageningen University & Research to join forces with global startups, knowledge centers and even customers to change the food industry for good.

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Building a sustainable future

Our building is good to the core. We designed Hive to be energy neutral, packed with daylight and the optimal place to grow ideas and products. Plus we're proud to be recognised as one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

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#1 in sustainable design

Hive has won two Global Awards for sustainability. We hope we're a trendsetter.

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Wherever possible, our building parts come from recycled or sustainable origins and are designed to be reused in the future.

icon of a solar panel

Solar Powered

Our unique Sun Roof brings indoors outdoors and our people together. And naturally, our building is powered by over 1,800 solar panels and solar cells.

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