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The Vegetarian Butcher partners with The EVERY Company


When on a mission, we love to work with the right partners to become even more impactful together. Powered by craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation, a great example is our new partnership with high-performance ingredient company The EVERY Company.

Every x Unilever partnership

EVERY is the first company in the world to create and commercialize nature-equivalent egg products made without hens, using precision fermentation. They are partnering with the world’s most iconic brands to launch products powered by EVERY’s humanely sourced, highly functional egg ingredients. EVERY’s flagship product, EVERY Egg, recently starred in a delicious 5-course menu at 3-Michelin-Star restaurant Eleven Madison Park!

This breakthrough, clean-label ingredient is a natural fit with The Vegetarian Butcher’s mission to release animals from the food chain. After years of dedicated effort to further veganize our product range, this new collaboration aims to accelerate the final steps of this process, while preserving the delicious taste and texture of our products.

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