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The first annual meeting of the Next Food Collective!


The Next Food Collective is an initiative that aims to create positive change by bridging the gap between the food industry and knowledge institutes. Together with its partners, the collective is accelerating the pace of transforming agri-food systems, so to pave the way for the transitions to a more sustainable healthy global food system.

Manfred Aben, Industry representative and chairman, depicted together with Marian Geluk, Executive director (left) and Gerda Verburg, Non-Executive director (right)

Read more about the celebration and the successful networking event.

Unilever is proud to be part of such an initiative as one of the partners, alongside other agrifood companies and academia. Manfred Aben, Nutrition and Ice Cream R&D Head of Science & Technology and site leader Hive, is one of the industry representatives and chairs the Supervisory Board.

Unilever strongly believe that collaborating with like-minded partners who share a similar passion for sustainability and healthy food is the key to success. Together, we can join forces to reshape the future of agri-food business and propel innovation.

Transitions do not happen overnight. Even if we move collectively, it's going to be a hell of a job, so let's get moving.

Jan van Rijsingen, SME representative

In the spirit of “getting things moving”, the Next Food Collective gathered its partners to celebrate its first annual meeting at Hive, Unilever on the 3rd of November. The afternoon was packed with networking opportunities, inspiring conversations about strategy and new ideas for 2024.

The event also celebrated the ReGeNL core team, and all its 54 partners, for obtaining the investment from the National Growth Fund for the ReGeNL programme.

The guests were then invited to join four different breakout rooms, to connect and plan the upcoming year in relation to the 4 sustainability related themes:

🌱 Regenerative Agriculture

♻️Sustainable Processing

🍽️Healthy Diets & Wellbeing

🌿Sustainable Proteins

To stay up to date with the Next Food Collective and its mission, keep an eye on their website here. 

The picture depicts a view from above of the crowd.
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