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EXPLAIN explores nutritional quality of plant-based meat


Announcing a new public-private partnership led by the Wageningen University & Research.

The Vegetarian Butcher packaging on shelve

Consumers are increasingly turning to plant-based diets to reduce their carbon footprint, and we believe plant-based meat products can help people to make that shift more easily. But how do these products contribute to a healthier diet compared to animal meat?

We are excited to announce a new public-private partnership led by Wageningen University & Research, which will look at the health impact of eating currently available plant-based meat, compared to animal meat. We know for example, that many plant-based meat products have more fibers, less saturated fat, and more salt than animal meat.

Alongside partners like Roquette,, Evergrain by Ab InBev, Cargill, and Agrifirm, representing ingredient and consumer product manufacturers, we will further study the nutritional quality of plant-based meat products and their role in a healthy diet.

This research will help us understand how to make plant-based meat even more nutritious, without sacrificing on taste!

Read more about the study 'EXPLAIN: Exploring plant-based meat analogues for their Impact on health', here:

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