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Knorr’s Good Food Lab set to shape future food habits

"The Knorr Good Food Lab in Hive, Unilever’s Foods Innovation Centre based in Wageningen."

Innovative research programme in collaboration with Wageningen University

Knorr recognises the value in working with the next generation to understand how to inspire the masses to love good food and eat for good. The Good Food Lab is doing just that. Together with partners, Knorr is embarking further on the journey to fulfil its purpose to reinvent food for humanity. Learn more here.

What is the Good Food Lab?

The Good Food Lab is an on-campus collaborative research programme with Wageningen University & Research students to understand current consumption behaviour – how they think about food and how they consume it. Knorr will work with these students to explore product ideas, to prototype, to help shape a brand that is future-ready for their generation.

How does it function?

During the Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good summit at the end of November, Knorr announced that it has invested in a test and learn research centre with university students – the next generation of food leaders – to understand how to shift the masses to eat food that is good for them and the planet.

The intention is to use this group to co-create ideas, innovations, communications that will inspire and enable the masses to eat food that is good for their health and the health of the planet. These insights will be shared with the wider food industry, to inform and inspire the shift toward food that is better for people and the planet.

“Knorr Good Food Lab is a great example of how we are leveraging our presence at the Wageningen Campus, connect with partners, engage with consumers, experiment and learn news ways of innovating and drive the change that’s needed for people and planet.” Hanny van Amerongen, R&D Director Foods Global Design Center, Unilever.

What are the insights so far?

There is already strong evidence showing the younger generation are willing to change their attitudes and behaviours for a better food future. Through the Good Food Lab a baseline questionnaire has been completed by 325 future food leaders to get insights on their current attitudes, behaviours and habits toward good food. A smaller group took part in co-creating messages to inspire shifts toward food that is better for the planet.

Through its partnership with Wageningen University & Research Centre, a world-leader in the field of nutrition and behaviour change, the questionnaire revealed that 80% of the students surveyed feel frustrated about climate change, and are willing to alter their eating habits (e.g. eating less meat) to help this issue – one that is very important to them.

Eighty per cent of these next generation food leaders surveyed feel frustrated about climate change, while 95% believe changing their diet can help this issue. Meanwhile 64% expressed a willingness to cut air travel.

Building on this, 90% said they are willing to eat less meat (22% of participants reported they have already adopted a meat-free diet). Of those who still eat meat, 72% said they "felt positive" about choosing a plant-based diet. Knorr will utilise its wide range of partners to maximize the benefit, ensure credibility and rigor and increase impact. More to come!

Initial findings and future plans will be published next year.

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