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Innovative coated paper proves a sustainable ice cream packaging material

GROM’s new paper-based spoons are going down a treat with consumers in its scoop shops. A key partnership makes GROM the first brand to use the new Qwarzo coated spoons in the ice cream market.

GROM gelato with the new Qwarzo paper-based spoon

GROM has launched new paper-based spoons in its scoop shops across the UK, France and Portugal, thanks to Qwarzo’s unique coating technology, which transforms paper into a suitable material.

Importantly, the new spoons are fully recyclable and compostable. Qwarzo’s innovative coating technology makes them resistant to water and grease by providing paper with an environmentally friendly barrier layer.

Unilever’s Foods & Refreshment R&D Materials Capability Team partnered with Qwarzo on this game-changing technology. In fact, GROM is the first brand to use Qwarzo’s new coated ice-cream spoons. The spoons have been developed specifically for the ice cream market, giving us a first mover advantage.

Facundo Beltramino, Global Packaging Materials Specialist, who worked on the new innovation, enjoying some GROM gelato

“Qwarzo’s technology can provide paper with barrier properties, making it resistant to water and grease. These characteristics make it a great fit to be in contact with our delicious ice cream. Importantly, by doing this, paper’s inherent recyclability and compostability are not compromised.’’

Facundo Beltramino, Global R&D Packaging Materials Specialist at Hive:

The Ice Cream R&D team collaborated closely on the launch of the new paper-basedspoons. Feedback from consumers during a pilot launch earlier this year and since the initiative went live has been very positive with many commenting on the pleasant mouth feel.

Sustainable ice cream experience

The paper cups used to serve GROM’s delicious gelato in its scoop shops are also recyclable and compostable. The launch of the new paper-based spoons very much compliments this, allowing consumers to enjoy their gelato in packaging that has a positive impact.

The successful roll out of this innovation opens up possibilities to extend it to other GROM shops and Unilever brands. As Facundo explains: “The launch of this innovative concept by GROM marks a first step in the use of paper as a material in a more sustainable ice cream experience across our other brands.”

Qwarzo spoons in GROM ice cream scoop shop
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