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How your morning tea can support your immune system

Lipton’s new Immune Support blend helps kick-start your day by providing 15% of your daily dose of vitamin C in one delicious cup. We spoke to one of the scientists behind the launch to find out more.

Two women drinking Lipton tea together after a yoga class

Millions of people around the world enjoy kick-starting the day with a cup of tea. Now Lipton’s latest blend offers more than a refreshing hot brew. It’s enriched with vitamin C to support your immune system too.

In fact, the new Immune Support blend is scientifically proven to deliver at least 15% of your daily vitamin C requirements per cup.

It’s not the first immunity wellness tea in Lipton’s portfolio. But what makes Immune Support different is that it’s not a herbal-forward flavour. Instead, it’s far closer to a traditional flavoured black or green tea, making it an easy switch to get much more from your first cup of the day. It can be found in supermarkets alongside Lipton’s black and green tea products, rather than herbal or fruit varieties.

We caught up with Unilever Beverages Nutrition Manager, Esther Garcia, one of the scientists behind the new tea, to find out why vitamin C is so vital when it comes to supporting our body’s natural immunity.

Q: Esther, what makes vitamin C so important?

A: The European Food Safety Authority recognises that vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system in our body.

Q: Why do experts recommend we get a certain amount of vitamin C every day?

A: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. Our bodies can’t make it or store it. We need to take it through our foods but for some people, it’s not always easy to follow a balanced diet.

Q: What makes you proud of this innovation?

A: We noticed the consumer demand for immunity products and brought this product to life in just six months, working as an agile team to launch quickly. Our aim was to come up with something convenient, easy and enjoyable that people could drink to add extra vitamin C to their diets every day – without having to change their routine. Lipton Immune Support offers exactly that.

A photo of a pack of Lipton Immune Support tea

Lipton Immune Support launched in Poland in December 2020 and will reach further markets around the world this year.

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